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09 February 2010

Buncha Sickies

I keep thinking I want to post something, but we keep being sick. Right now it's my turn: I have some sort of Stomach Bug, and it's not fun. But we've all had a Sinus Thing for a while now, and Monkey's version turned into an ear infection. At least that we can do something about, and he's on antibiotics right now. But I've also had the Sinus Thing for a while - like a month. Aggravated by periodic lack of sleep as we lay down the law: Monkey must sleep in his own bed all night long. There has been, shall we say, resistance. Poor little guy. He's such a snuggly thing, but we've got to make room in the big bed for a new baby, and he's so big for his age, there's Just.Not.Room anymore. So he's gotta sleep by himself. Yeah, there's been some lost sleep. But it's much much better now, and I thought that would be enough to get over that Sinus Thing. Not so much. Andy's got it too, but he's been so good about taking care of me anyway.

So I've had the Sinus Thing for about a month, and I decided to go in and talk to a doctor about it. Turns out my "doctor" is a nurse practitioner. Hadn't realized that. Nobody bothered to correct my misunderstanding when I called to adjust the time on my visit with "Dr. ___." I had to wait nearly a week to see her anyway. And you'll never guess what she decided is wrong with me: I'm pregnant. I guess that makes people stuffy sometimes. And while it is renowned for making people vomit, I've done that more today than I have, total, in 12 years of marriage. Andy figures by double. This is NOT just a pregnancy thing. I tried to tell her that. But we will be paying a whole LOT of money for her to remind me that I'm pregnant. As if I'd forgotten! Guess I'll be in the market for another doctor. A real doctor this time.


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh how frustrating! Pregnancy gives your the symptoms of a sinus infection? Hmmm... I'm no doctor (though I worked for an OB/GYN for awhile) but I don't remember doctor saying that. I'd get a second opinion.

Hope you all feel better,


misskate said...

Dude! It's your birthday! No being sick.
Hope you guys feel better soon!!

Ritsumei said...

Well, since both my boys have an icky Sinus Thing, and have had it about the same amount of time, I think the pregnancy theory is pretty unconvincing, myself. But I was just beginning a trip into the wonders of flu/food poisoning, and not thinking very well, so I couldn't manage to do more than just a weak protest when she told me "You're pregnant. These things happen." Yah right. She did give me some antibiotics, "Just in case," so at least I've got that, and I'll be finding a new doctor the next time I need one. There are other fish in the sea!

Kate, I agree, a birthday is not the day to be sick. My biggest wish yesterday, for today, was not to puke. Looks like that wish is going to be granted!

Jeannetta said...

I'm so sorry! I'm also sorry I missed your birthday! Good grief, I've been pretty self absorbed lately.
Please get well :)

Ritsumei said...

You didn't miss a thing: today's the day. And if there was ever a good reason for being off-line for a while, you've got one. Don't sweat it!

mommyx12 said...

Hope you get better soon. No fun having all that junk ON TOP of being preggo. I'll be praying for you. Checked out that website you told us about but we didn't really see much difference between them and Gander Mountain.


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