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04 February 2010

I'm Impressed!

These are ELEMENTARY school bands. Somehow, I've never managed to attend a concert like this at the elementary school. These kids are amazing!


mommyx12 said...

Very impressive indeed. So when should we get together? With Vance home we are always open.

misskate said...

That's 'cuz they've been practicing and learning to play whatever instrument they're playing since they were three.. 10hrs a day.

misskate said...

Oh, I meant to add on the end.. crazy impressive though!!

Anne Chovies said...

Wow! They are good. The right teacher can make a big difference, I've seen. They are good, choriography and all!

Ritsumei said...

Indeed, they've probably been playing for 3/4 of forever, and under a lot of pressure: the Japanese are famous for that sort of thing. Sadly, it's likely that not all of the kids will make it to adulthood: someone will be "shamed" by a poor audition or something, and they'll use suicide to opt out. It's not uncommon in the Japanese schools. Still, the music is amazing, and there must be some kind of middle ground between our elementary bands and these!


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