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17 February 2010

More Photoshop Goodness

I'm still playing with Pioneer Woman's actions. And the more I play, the more fun I'm having! I wanted to try out the "Bring On The Eyes" action, and she's kindly provided a tutorial for how it works. I can follow directions, so I did.

This is a before picture, one I like, of a friend of mine lounging on the floor at her parents' house.

Here's the same picture, with the "Eyes" action. And some other fun. Like, I softened the background to get rid of the strange blue box. And I ran "Heartland." I can see why Pioneer Woman says she likes Heartland so well! I like it better on this picture than I did on the picture of the baby I was playing with yesterday. And the dreamy softness of the picture suits her perfectly. Makes me want to get out some of the wedding pictures I took and revisit them.

Now, I should go take my boy outside to play. Since we are getting healthy enough for that sort of thing, I should do it. Plus, I'll take my camera with me and see if I can't get some more pictures to fiddle with in Photoshop. Who says he's the only one that gets to play?

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Elaine said...

Gorgeous pictures!

Don't forget to enter to win a tankini of your choice!



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