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18 February 2010

Playing in Snow

We're finally getting to feeling better around here, and the temperatures are slightly warmer than they have been, so we actually made it outside today! It was lovely. The first thing Monkey did was ask for his snowshovel, and get to work. I did too, with my camera: those lilac shadows are the coolest thing in the yard today.

I think he was a bit disappointed to discover that there isn't really any snow on the sidewalks today; just some melty puddles and ice.

But he got over that pretty quickly. I was finally successful in luring him off the sidewalk and into the snow. He's never really liked that much before, but today he was into it, and we ended up with a properly stirred up patch of snow in the front.

After shoveling the grass for a bit, he asked me to make a snowman. At first, I thought it wasn't going to work. We haven't had fresh snow for several days, and most of the times I've checked this winter the snow hasn't been packing snow. But, with the sun melting things a bit, we were able to make a small one, as long as we avoided the non-melty snow in the shadows.

But I think the funniest part of the whole afternoon was when we started to go inside (at Monkey's request, because he was getting "cold," though it wasn't long after this that he told me he was sweaty & would I please hold his hat), and he decided that he wanted to do some "mowing." As in, "lawn mowing."


misskate said...

That is a happy kid :) I especially like the one with him holding a shovel full of snow and looking at the camera, quite pleased with himself.. hehe

Ritsumei said...

Yeah, that one's my favorite too, and Mom & Dad both asked for a copy.

Dana said...

How sweet! My two year old loves the idea of going out to play in the snow, but she doesn't make it very long. She barely makes it to the chickens and back, and then only because she doesn't want to go back to the house without me!


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