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24 February 2010

I Could Do That

High Heels And A Sippy Cup

Over at High Heels and a Sippy-cup, Trachelle's made an awesome play kitchen for her boys out of mostly thrifted parts, and some felt food to go with it. I've been thinking Monkey would like a kitchen for a while, and after looking at hers my thought is, "I could do that." I'll have to keep an eye out for likely looking dressers. This could be fun! She's got some great photos for what she did. It's wonderful inspiration.

Head on over and check her out, she's got a bunch of other ideas over there (like the personalized treasure chest-scroll down), and some fun pictures of her boys.

Trachelle, feel free to grab this button from my sidebar: you're my Featured Blogger!

Featured Blogger

1 comment:

misskate said...

Ooooh.. that does sound fun :) (and much much more sturdy than the plastic ones)


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