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19 February 2010

Fix-It Friday

Cocoa sometimes does the I Heart Faces thing, and it looked like so much fun that I decided to go check them out this afternoon. Turns out, they've got this "Fix-it Friday" event, which goes like this: they have some artists work on a photo that needs "fixing" (the last several weeks' photos looked pretty nice to me!), and they play with it, then post a tutorial about what they did and how they accomplished it. Then, participants are invited to play with that same picture and link to their posts. This sounds like fun! So, here's my attempts at "fixing" this week's beautiful picture.

I learned some new tricks from Julie Riviera's explanation of what she did with this picture. A couple of the artists used Photoshop actions from Totally Rad Actions, and I checked them out too. They're way out of my price range, but I love their "Cinnamon Toast (color)" action. I tried to do something similar, and I feel like it's pretty successful. I used a couple of Pioneer Woman's actions, as well as some simple tweaks of my own.

You can see the original photo, and check out what else people have done with it, at Fix-it Friday #44.


Amandalynn said...

Cute! I like the little tweaks you did!


Ritsumei said...

Thank you!


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