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09 March 2010

A Busy Day

We got up and got going pretty efficiently this morning, and as a result we got a lot done today! One of the first things we did after breakfast was gathered up some mail that needed to go out, and headed to the park for some nature study. Monkey asked to bring the binoculars. It was great, except that I should have worn boots!

This tree had lovely soft needles, but I discovered that I've misplaced my tree field guide when I went to find out what kind of evergreen it is. We took some pictures to help identify it, but I haven't had a chance yet to look it up online. After we looked at the tree, Monkey wanted to go to the playground, so that's what we did. It was a fun, old-school playground, with a merry-go-round and a HUGE slide. Took Monkey two tries before he decided he wanted to climb all that ladder. It was much taller than my head, so I took a picture quick then put the camera away so I could attempt to spot him. He was fine, though!

We didn't stay long. I'm getting better at predicting what sort of clothing we'll need if we want to stay outside for a while, but I botched the job today: No boots for Mom, and Monkey's pant legs were getting quite wet from the equipment. On to errands.

We went to Walmart, the Post Office, and Half-Price Books. That was fun. I discovered they have a small homeschool section, which today included A Pocket Full of Pinecones. I'm excited to be reading that over the next little while! We also got a couple of new body books to look at, as Monkey's had a whole bunch of questions about how the body works and what happens to food after you eat it lately. Those were all from the clearance section, so the most expensive was $3! And, I found the kids' non-fiction, which includes a poetry section and a great history section. I was very pleased! Sadly, they didn't have any worm books, which Monkey was hoping for. Then, a quick trip through the bank's drive-up, and home for lunch.

Later in the evening, Monkey put together his new puzzle (also from Half-Price Books). It's got 30 pieces - a big jump from the 6-piece ones he's been doing, but I showed him to do the edge first, and helped him look at the box when he got stumped, and he did it!


misskate said...

Wohoo! Looks like a good day :) And some fun pics too.. he looks so pleased as he gazes at the completed puzzle.

Ritsumei said...

Yeah, that finished puzzle picture is probably my favorite out of the bunch. He wanted to drive it around, but there wasn't room on the table. First thing, when we woke up this morning- before he was even out of bed- he was asking to put it together again. And this time we did it on the ground, so now he's driving them around. =D

Keeley said...

Love the binoculars...and that puzzle is fabulous. =)


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