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01 March 2010

Stats Are Fun

Monkey is playing with playdoh, so I think I'm going to see if I can get away with looking up my stats. Stats posts are always fun! For the month of February:

I had 625 visits. Of those, 119 actually stuck around and looked at something, an average of 4.25 per day. Hi guys!

My most popular pages this month are:

1. Classical Homeschooling Carnival #7
2. Phonics Play
3. How to Make a Traditional Japanese Bag
4. Classical Homeschooling Carnival #6
5. My Felt Pizza Tutorial
6. Fix-it Friday
7. Three-Fifths Clause
8. I Heart Faces: Hands-on
9. Vinegar!
10. Photoshop Fun
11. Mothering Quotes
12. Felt Tomato Tutorial

Top Referring Sites:

1. Well-Trained Mind Forums
2. I Heart Faces
3. Multfarious Missives
4. Chocolate on my Cranium
5. Here Come the Fifes
6. It Matters To Me
7. Mormon Moms Who Blog
8. Science of Relations
9. The Sunny Side
10. Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers
11. My Book of Common Days
12. Pioneer Woman

Thanks guys! I see that some of my favorite destinations are on the list this month!

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