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05 March 2010

Fix-It Friday

I loved Andera Riley's black and white version, with the textured edges, so I was experimenting with doing something similar. However, when you click on the link she's used several toys I don't have, so I went looking for something that might let me achieve a similarly textured effect. I also used her "painting" idea to help fix up some of the overexposed areas on his face.

From Pioneer Woman's Free Action sets:
Bring on the Eyes
Dim the Lights

From ShadowHouse:
Grunge Palette

And the hot pink texture removal technique from the texture layering tutorial at the bottom of the post helped me to get the texture off this little guy's face.

My second shot at playing with the picture actually uses mostly the same. Pioneer Woman: same. Texture removal tutoral: same. But I used ShadowHouse's Old Paper 1 this time, and I played around with tipping the picture just a bit since I really liked that effect on a couple of the guest contributors' examples.


Amanda said...

Great texture! I don't use textures very much but want to start experimenting more with them. Thanks for the links.

Ritsumei said...

I'm glad you like it! I'm just starting to have textured things that I'm happy with. That video, and seeing what others have done on these Fix-it photos have been a huge help. Plus, the ShadowHouse guy has sooo many nice textures to play with!

Dorine said...

Very cool!!! You do some amazing work!!


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