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30 March 2010

Nature Study: Spring!

We headed to the park today, and they had flowers! I just love crocuses! They're so cheerful and early. Everything else is still winter-brown, very much like it was when the snow first melted. Here and there you see a few green shoots at the bottom of a bunch of brown growth from last year, but mostly it's brown. Except for the crocuses. They are so beautiful in the midst of all the brown!

The park has some streams. Odd little decorative things, really, and not so much natural waterways, but they're enough to get a bit of wildlife. Monkey wanted to check for frogs, which we saw last fall, but not today. It may be too early for them still. We did see some Mallards. When Monkey turned around and hollered that I should come see the ducks took off. I didn't realize that we were looking for them still until a while later in a different section of the park when we found them, and Monkey was so excited. In the inbetween time, we had a look at some cattails that were exploding their soft seeds out, and at the seed pod on a Queen Anne's Lace blossom. Oh yes, and there was stick waving. Sticks are always a wonderful discovery. The lovely thing about this nature walk was that Monkey was showing me things, which is a new development, and one that pleases me.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you photographed the crocuses. They don't have any where, and I've been missing them. And daffodils and Easter lillies too!

Thank you for sharing these beautiful spring photographs!

We found our own corner of spring, and I must take photos.

Ritsumei said...

Monkey wasn't nearly so excited about those flowers as I was; he's still praying for snow, if you believe it! I'm more than ready for grubbing around in the garden, though it's still 6-8 weeks to planting time for most stuff. The very early stuff I'm going to put in sooner, rather than later just cuz I've gotta get out there & DO something! This morning I woke up to the crocuses in my front yard (on the north side of the house in nearly full shade, so they're slow) just starting to bloom. It's so exciting! And the tulips are up, so once the crocuses are done there will be more color in my garden. After that, well, I've got to plant some more before I can enjoy it. But these, at the park, were just amazing. There was a huge isle of them. It was such a pick-me-up!

Keeley said...

What a beautiful colour on those flowers!

Ritsumei said...

I thought so! It was so exciting to see them, there amidst all the BROWN. We're getting rain tonight, so things should be substantially more springy-looking by morning. Plus, there are tiny leaves beginning to bud out on our trees & bushes. I love this part of spring, where it all greens up.

Dorine said...

Wonderful pictures of a wonderful day at the park!!! Tell Monkey that I hope he has to wait until October for the snow!!! :) LOL

Ritsumei said...

Yeah, we've been telling him about Spring, and he's not happy, but seems to be slowly accepting the answer.


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