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12 March 2010

Fix-it Friday

The photo seemed a little dark, so I started with Pioneer Woman's "Slight Lighten" action. It still needed a little something, so I then went and tweaked the brightness up a fair amount, and the contrast down just a tad. I also ran Pioneer Woman's "Warmer," then turned the opacity of that layer way down. Then I flattened.

I'm loving Coffeeshop's Editing Newborn Images tutorial, and while this young lady is not a newborn, she does still have that baby-soft skin, and the Newborn tutorial is the first thing I thought of, so I'm trying some of the techniques on this photo. But first I had to download Coffeshop's Baby PowderRoom action. I pretty much followed the directions on the Newborn Images tutorial, except that I didn't like the red-removal step at the end of the tutorial, so I stopped after the "eye define" layer.

Last, I ran Pioneer Woman's "Boost," turned the opacity way down, flattened and saved.

Don't forget to look at what the rest of the crowd did with this picture!

Naptime came, and I had another go at it. Between it not being the first use of the Baby PowderRoom action, and the kind comments of other posters, I've learned a bit, and I like this one even better.


Jeannine said...

Great job. You may want to try and lighten her skin a bit with the dodge tool. Or use MCP free lighten tool at MCP actions. Then try using a gaussian blur on her skin to soften it. I also use Noiseware (free trial on their site). The picture was obviously taken in low light so there is alot of grain and Noiseware will take care of that. MCP Actions has a long list of free textures that are available and how to use them. Try reading her blog and her tutorials. They are great. Thanks for the lovely comments.

Ritsumei said...

Thank you for the suggestions! I'm very new to this sort of photoediting, and appreciate the tips. I'll have to go check the resources you mention. =D

Heather Greenwood said...

great job!

SLKozul said...

definitely get the community noiseware - just google that and its at the bottom of the page.

I'm a big adovacate of learning what the actions do and then try to learn that in real life and once you understand what it does then use the action.

thanks for the visit & comment on my blog.

Ritsumei said...

I definitely agree about using the actions to learn - I've learned a number of things that way already, and it seems like every time I figure out one thing there's another that suddenly makes more sense. I've only been playing with actions for a few weeks, maybe just over a month, so I've still got tons to learn! Thanks for the tips!

Tanya said...

I love that edit, love the color depth.

McKay Family said...

Thanks for the visit and comment! I love the Powder Room edit. So soft!


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