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26 March 2010

Weekly Wrap-up: Birdfood edition

Monday: Daddy came home after being away on business for 2 1/2 weeks. We didn't even pretend to do school; some things are more important.

Tuesday: Everyone was kind of tired and crabby, but we managed to survive and get a little done anyway. I think we all need some extra sleep! We did another chapter in House at Pooh Corners -only 4 left to go. Monkey says he wants to do another Winnie-the-Pooh book when we're done. We did our calendar stuff today. Not only did we put up today's date, but Monkey wanted to do the "extras" - look at the world map, sing the alphabet, that sort of thing. So we did. I took him on our first bike ride of the season - he has a Burley trailer that he rides behind me in. While we were out we listened to a bunch of different birds & looked at the various plants in people's yards. One house had tall grass. It was probably taller than I am. That's what passed for nature study today. Monkey had a bit of a tantrum in the middle of playing the penny game to practice phonics, so we put it away before the game was over, causing much sadness. Like I said, I think we all need more sleep.

Thursday: We got a little done. I am amazed at the mass of picture books I brought downstairs from next to my bed. They accumulate there from the before nap-time stories, and in less than a week, there was a sizable stack. They don't really fit into one of the "categories" that I pay attention to and try to accomplish, but Monkey makes sure that all the story reading gets done! He said more funny stuff too:

Mom: grabs the sunflower seeds

Monkey: "Are you eating birdfood?"

Mom: "Uh..." (Yep, very articulate that time.)

Dad: "Yes, that is birdfood."

Monkey: "Mom! Don't eat birdfood!"

Mom: laughs very hard. "Do you want some?"

Monkey: "NO! Birdfood is not good for my body!"

Mom: about falls over because she's laughing so hard!

He did eventually try the sunflower seeds, but he wasn't very impressed!

Friday: Another day that we're too busy to do the regular stuff. It's been that kind of week. We're all still feeling off, though I couldn't tell you what's wrong with any of us. Hopefully it will pass soon.

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Anonymous said...

Ah yes, one of those weeks! This past week was definitely an "off" one. My husband was gone too. LOL

Love the bird food conversation!

Hopefully next week will be back to normal for you. :)

Keeley said...

Hahaha! Sounds like a great week. YAY for your dh coming home!! =) That's cause for a celebration after the amount of time he'd been away.

Ritsumei said...

Yep, I'm glad the week is over! There's something nice about erasing my whiteboard that I keep our goal-schedule on (I say goal-schedule because we seldom if ever get everything done every day), and starting fresh.

We've had a number of delightful conversations lately - I've been trying to get some of the best ones into the scrapbook so that I can remember them!

YAY indeed. I'm so glad that he's back! We almost went with, but there was that whole potty training thing... it wasn't going well when he left. Though now things are going so well we're trying to warm Monkey up to the idea of underwear at bedtime for overnights, cuz 6 nights out of 7 he's dry now. I just can't wait to stop buying diapers! Not that it's going to last long. August is coming so fast!

Keeley said...

WOW! Congratulations to you and Monkey on the potty training - how awesome is that? =)

Anne Chovies said...

I can completely understand You boy's comments about sunflower seeds and birdfood. I feel the same way and don't eat them. Sounds like a good week.

Ritsumei said...

Yeah, the potty training situation has suddenly gone from completely frustrating to pretty exciting. He's not really on board with the idea of doing underwear at night, but I'm hoping that we can either work him around to liking the idea or maybe just run out of diapers. We'll have to see how things go.

His Daddy is right there with you - I'm pretty much the only one that enjoys the "birdfood." But they're tasty! I like 'em raw - no roasting, no salt. I don't care for the roasted sunflower seeds anymore.


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