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01 March 2010

Planning for the Body

I visited several blogs from the Weekly Wrap-up this week, and Nicole at Mama to 3 Blessings had spent the week studying the human body. I don't have all the books that she used, but I think we can put together some similar activities, and Monkey's already told me he thinks it sounds like fun. So far, here's the materials that I'm looking at:

We'll probably use this book again, and revisit the fingerprint art. Monkey asks to do that again pretty regularly.

There's also this lapbook template, on Homeschool Share, that looks like it could be fun. Some of it may be beyond Monkey, but I think we can do parts. It uses a couple different sections of another book we've got:

Human Digestion Chart for a lapbook. We'll probably use the one that's already colored, and just have Monkey cut it out and glue it in.

Nicole also included an ABC Exercise activity in their lapbook that her little guy loved, which I'm hoping my little guy will also enjoy.

Nicole printed out some cool body parts charts from a book that I don't have, but I'm hoping that I can find something similar with further searching.

This lapbook has a cool make-a-face section that might be fun.

And, it's unrelated, but this page on Homeschool Share has some fun art activites that go with what looks like a cute book: I Will Never NOT EVER Eat a Tomato.

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