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23 October 2009

Friday Again

This week's big change was adding in some more math. Monkey's doing really well with it! Right now we're counting in all the new and creative ways that I can think of. These are pennies we counted out this morning. Monkey wanted to make stacks, so that's what we did: 5 plus some more, in the second row is what you're looking at, though it's hard to see. I made some flannel board pieces and he made me pictures of one and two pretty successfully. When we tried to show this to Daddy he wanted to do four, and that didn't go quite as well. So there's still some solidifying to be done on these number concepts, but it's coming along nicely.

We continued with the Happy Phonics games, as well as the file folder games, and he's definitely improving in his ability to discern between "b" and "d," though I've realized that we must be missing certain letters because he's got some that he really struggles with - V, W (he wants it to be an M), he mixes up the sounds for G and J, that sort of thing. I was a little surprised, but it should be easily remedied with some more games focused on those letters.

About midweek, Monkey discovered this book on our shelves. I found it at the thrift store a while back, and he periodically finds it and looks all though it. It's one of those cool ones with the see-through panels that shows all the different things going on in the body. The first organ they discuss is the skin, and we spent a good chunk of time this week talking about skin and fingerprints. We got out my scrapbook inks and made some fingerprint art. That was fun, so Monkey wanted to do it again a couple days later! When we took our trip to the library one of the books I grabbed was about the skin and I read just a little bit to him. It's a bit old for him and enough over his head that it didn't seem to be grabbing his attention very well, but we did look at some of the pictures and talked briefly about cells and microscopes that make things MUCH bigger, like his magnifying glass, only more. It was nice, but the "finger painting" was much more fun.

We're making good progress in our read-aloud right now as well: we're doing Little House on the Prairie, and Monkey asks for more each time I read it. Since we're doing it at naptime I seldom give it to him, though I'll probably read a second chapter this evening since he's a bit under the weather and in on the couch enjoying some Bob the Builder, looking a bit pathetic. You know a three year old isn't feeling quite right when they ask for a nap and then sleep for 3 hours!

Nature Study, we more or less skipped, though Monkey did come out and help one day with garden clean-up. But with him under the weather, I haven't felt like I could take him out in the cold rain we've had most of the week.

Mom's Ed:
Not as much this week (not that there's tons in any week), but I did spend some time studying a great article on unity and charity, as well as some re-reading of parts of The Well-Trained Mind.


Tristan said...

My kids would love if I handed them pennies to count - great idea! Of course the big sister would rather be handed dollars...LOL. Maybe we play store next week and do some buying with real money.

Ritsumei said...

I'm glad you like it, but it was actually a second try: I tried crasins first, but he wouldn't ever get past one because he needed to eat the crasin that he grabbed to put on the next number... had to find something that's not edible this morning, LOL! Pennies was the only thing that I could come up with that I had enough of: it's 55 items to put the right number of objects on all the numbers 1-10.

Erica said...

Using money as a manipulative works great here, even better if they know they get to keep it at the end haha!

AFwife99 said...

Making math meaningful- I find that money is a high motivator for my kids! Looks like the rest of the week was fun too. Thanks for sharing.

AF Wife99


Giggly Girls said...

Hope he's feeling better soon!!

Louisa said...

Love the idea of using pennies for counting. My daughter loves a counting game I made using an egg box, with each space labelled with a number. We use beads and count out the right number for each space.

We also like playing phonics games on the computer to help with learning letters.

Anonymous said...

I like the counting pennies activity! I'm looking for concrete math (money) activities to do with my little guy...

Rhonda said...

What a great week! I love all of the hands-on activities you do. The finger painting is great-there is nothing better than getting in there and really enjoying it and I love the look on his face. :)
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment for me-I'll be glad to be included in the next carnival!

Ritsumei said...

Erica, AFwife & Julie - funny thing is, the money part wasn't even a factor. They were just objects I had that were easy & consistent. It turned out to be a plus that they stack nicely. We really haven't done anything with money yet, though he does know that those silly rides at the store take quarters!

Giggly - Me too! Seems like everyone we know is down with something right now.

Louisa, thank you for that list of phonics games! Monkey will love those. Starfall is getting a little bit tired lately, and I think he'll like the change.

Rhonda - I hadn't really thought of it as hands-on activities... just trying educate with games since I think he's too little for worksheets & such. But I guess you're right! Thanks for submitting to the carnival.


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