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04 November 2009

Phonics Play

Monkey and I sat down to work on his phonics the other day. He loves the white board, so that's what we were doing: practicing blending rhymed words. Then he surprised me: he started tracing over my letters on the white board! So I encouraged him to do the letters right: top to bottom, counter-clockwise, and all. I guess that I'd better get some sort of information on the proper way to write letters, just to make sure that I'm telling him correctly.

When he was done with drawing the letters, we moved on to a spur-of-the-moment math game: I drew boxes and he's put dots in them. At first, he was making circles and I'd put dots in. I'd intended to count up to 5. But he wanted to do the dots. And he only wanted one, so that was the game we played. Plenty of practice of 1. It was a good time.


Keeley said...

It's awesome when that happens, isn't it? They just spontaneously move on to learning something you thought they wouldn't be ready for for ages.

That's what's so awesome about homeschooling - you can run with it. =)

Ritsumei said...

It sure is fun! He really caught me off-guard this time though: I have given NO thought, whatsoever, to how to teach writing. I figured it'd be quite some time yet. After all, I keep hearing that boys do fine motor skills late!!


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