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02 May 2006

Immigration and Citizenship

So, my husband and I have been talking some about this immigration mess. Basically, we've decided that immigration not a big deal. Let folks come here & become Americans, no problem. But let them do it legally. We differ in some of the details of how that might be accomplished, but then so do most folks, so that's not really very surprising. Here's a few things that we've talked about & that I've read today. Made for some good conversation over dinner this evening!

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I enjoyed this article from Fox News, particularly the 2nd half, where they talk about the backlash from the May Day protests of the proposed changes to immigration laws.

Fox News: A Day Without Immigrants
"You should send all of the 13 million aliens home, then you take all of the welfare recipients who are taking a free check and make them do those jobs," said Jack Culberson, a retired Army colonel who attended a Pensacola rally. "It's as simple as that."

A group of Hispanic Americans calling themselves, "You Don't Speak for Me," participated in a Washington news conference Monday in support of strong border security. ... "As the demands of illegal aliens and their supporters become ever more shrilled and outrageous, the silent majority of Americans are remaining silent no longer. We are proud and delighted that will give a voice to the millions of hard-working, law-abiding Hispanic Americans whose views are too often misrepresented," said Dan Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, which organized the coalition.

It's nice to hear from some of the folks that DID do it right, and hear that they speaking up for doing it right. That's being a good citizen, and in some ways that are very important right now. And, it's a gutsy thing to do: it's got to be a very unpopular opinion to voice in the Latino community right now.

I think that these entries from "Restless Ramblings of a Restless Soul's" blog has some great points. It just doesn't make sense to deal with criminals the same way that you deal with the law-abiding. Land of the Lawbreakers makes it clear just exactly how ridiculous the demands are, by imagining the response if Americans were to make the same demands of Mexico.

We Have a Problem

America- Land of the Lawbreakers

It's not about don't come here, don't come and be an American. It's about doing it right. Once you've immigrated & become an American the expectation is that you'll be a good citizen. Isn't it reasonable to expect the same sort of law-abiding citizenship from those who hope to be part of the American dream?


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