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Listing of posts about the Bible
 I'm doing an ongoing series about the Psalms, as well as various topical studies, including the Plan of Salvation and study techniques. Click the button to be taken to the Bible Study series index.

I'm listening to a series of lectures on Classical Education from Dr. Christopher Perrin, and blogging about what I learn from that and how it interacts with our faith. Click the button to be taken to the Classical Education series index. This series is still ongoing.

Charlotte Mason outlined 20 principles that she felt were important in education. I'm studying them and blogging about both the principles and a number of tangential topics. Click the button to be taken to the 20 Principles series index. This series is still ongoing.

From April 2017, this is a series about why good books matter, how to identify literature and twaddle, and how to use good books in education for the kids, for the second language, and for feeding the whole family. Click the button to be taken to the series index.

A (mostly) monthly watercolor challenge published in 2016.
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5 Things I Love About Homeschooling 
8 Reasons I Love Homeschooling (For Me)
64 Scriptures for LDS Children to Memorize
Book of Centuries
Feeding the Mother
Folksong Songbook Tutorial
Growing into Mapwork
Importance of Models in Copywork 
Loving Our Poetry
Morning Lessons and Long Afternoons
Narration for 50 Famous Stories Retold
Natural History Artists and Techniques
Reaching Your Goals
Preparing for Studied Dictation
School Outside
Science Through Nature
Self Education: How to Make Achievable Goals
Send Me
Using Art to Teach Science
Watercolors and Learning Projects

Day in the Life (Feb 2019)
Snapshots From Our Day (Feb 2017)
Snapshots From Our Day (Dec 2016)
Snapshots From Our Day (Oct 2016)
A Day in the Life (Sep 2016)
Busy Day (Nov 2015)
Day in the Life (Aug 2015)
Day in the Life (Oct 2014)

Bilingual Calendaring Update
Japanese Grammar Memory Work
Intensive Language Learning Day
ひらがな Post-its
Drills in Japanese
Resources for Learning Japanese
Experimenting with the Gouin Method (Mason recommended)
Expanding Our Linguistic Web
A Bilingual Math Lesson 
Study Tools for Mama
Making it Safe Not to Know
Intensive Language Learning Day
It's Working: Foreign Language the Charlotte Mason Way
Trying Foreign Language Narration 
Learning Languages: Moving Beyond the Textbook (part 1)
Learning Languages: Moving Beyond the Textbook (part 2)
Japanese Storytime

Copywork Selections 2016-2017
Frog Study 2016-2017
Hymns and Folksongs 2016-2017
Madam How and Lady Why
Picture Study 2016-2017
Scripture Readings
Artist Study: Norman Rockwell
Hymns Folksongs and Poems
Artist Study: Audubon 
Planning Early Modern History (SOTW3)

This Means War! 
Coin Patterns
Number Squares
More Number Squares
Math Games
All Kinds of Addition (Bilingual math)
Finding Patterns
Heroic Number Line
Switchable Mulitplication 

An Unexpected Guest
A Wasp That Does Not Sting
Back Outside 
Out in Autumn 
Fall at Our Park
Back to Nature
Took a Walk
Love Me Some Nature!
Likin' Lichen
Mammals and Birds and Reptiles, Oh My!
Nature in Winter
Spring Discoveries
The Slow Unfolding of Spring
Watching the Eagles' Nest Cam
Watercolor Instructions (inside nature study)
We Found a Pond!

Maybe Shakespeare?
Shakespeare's Pegdolls
Shakespeare: A Winter's Tale


Keep the Electoral College
Debates: Clinton, Trump, Castle, Johnson
Socialism and Agency
Debates: Republican Primary Candidates 2016
Loving Liberty is Tough
Examining the State of the Union (2015)
Executive Orders
Liberty and Salvation

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