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The Proper Role of Government, by Ezra Taft Benson
-- read the full text.
My commentary as I study his article.
Part I (Foundational Principles, Origin of Rights)
Part II (Separation of Church and State)
Part III (Source of Governmental Power)
Part IV (Powers of a Proper Government)
Part V (Government = Force)
Part VI (The US Constitution)
Part VII (Local Government)
Part VIII (Legalized Plunder)
Part IX (Origin of Wealth)

Freedom Quotes

Constitution Day - celebrate on Sep 17!

Political Musings
Immigration and the Constitution - What was the original intent?
Libraries and the Use of Force -- unseen effects; who's responsible anyway?
A Wasted Vote? -- a thought for Republicans
The Problem With Liberalism -- thoughts on the problems posed by liberal politics with reference to the foundations of our Republic and my faith.
Helping the Poor
Liberty, Agency, Life
Defending Against Tyranny -- from Ezra Taft Benson
Now THERE'S a Thought -- in support of the Read the Bills Act Coalition
A Response -- religious freedom, freedom of speech, and gay marriage
Natural Law: ultimate source of Constitutional Law -- link to an article from NCCS
On Natural Rights -- the difference between ceded and delegated rights
The "General Welfare Clause" -- a limit, not a power unto itself
Separation of Church and State -- a phrase that is not in the Constitution.
Interesting Constitutional Commentary -- thoughts on the size of our current government vs. the size of George Washington's government.
Patriotic Virtue
On Nullification (also the Supremacy Clause)
Shouting "Fire!"
Mr. Lincoln and the Federalist Papers
Reid, Romney, and My Church
Thanksgiving and Prayer

Constitutional Comparisons

The State of the Union (2013) and the Constitution
2012 Presidential Debate (part 1)
2012 Presidential Debate (part 2)
2012 Presidential Debate (part 3)
2012 Presidential Debate (part 4)
2012 Presidential Debate (part 5)
2012 Presidential Debate (part 6)

Constitution Day 2010 Series
Importance of the Constitution
First Prayer in Congress
What is Revolution?
State Sovereignty
Rights of the People
The Militia
Qualification for High Office
Foreign Relations

America's Constitution: a biography, by Akhil Reed Amar -- my commentary as I study the book.
I have learned that Prof. Amar is a Progressive, and not longer trust his writing.
Checks and Balances
The Three-Fifths Clause

A Reading List


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