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21 February 2012

Projects Projects

This, we actually did a couple of weeks ago, before we got sick & before my uncle's funeral. It's a model from "The Body Book," which I just love. It took some doing to figure out how the thing goes together, but it was fun to build, we both learned a lot, and when it was finished he asked to do another. What more can a Mama ask for??

This was a fun project I found on Pinterest, and we did them for the Chinese New Year. Monkey did his basically all by himself; I prepared  the parts, he put his together. Even Dragon got in on the action, and helped with the tape that holds the slats on.

Easing Back In

We haven't done much school this past 2 weeks. First, we all got sick with one of the nasty flus that's going around, then my uncle died and I left to go to his funeral. The boys stayed home with their Daddy, who was still trying to get better. So we're trying to put our routine back together again- but Dragon has an ear infection and cough. Still, we got a little done, around a doctor appointment and long naps.

We read several books this afternoon, and I asked Monkey to choose one for a narration. He decided to do "Disgusting Body Facts: Itches and Scratches."

I learned that some people are allergic to foods. It might give them sickness, such as red, swollen lips. Brown spots on your foot, called warts, make it itchy to walk on your foot. Hair bugs bite you and suck your blood. Lice make poo, and it makes your hair itch. The hair bugs can lay eggs. Chicken pox make your back itch. You can get them from somebody else.

06 February 2012


We brushed against plate tectonics and volcanoes today in geography, and it's interesting stuff. We grabbed the Bible and read Genesis 10:25, about Peleg, read about the shifting of plates, and talked about some of the interesting things they do when they move into and away from each other. We read about volcanoes and Monkey wanted to know more, so we're watching some clips this evening too. Very interesting stuff.

Here's Monkey's narration:
When a volcano arises it causes the plates, when they are shifting, to go under another. Beneath the crust is lots of layers. The inner core is made of iron. The melted rocks are part of the inside heart of the earth.


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