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20 December 2005

Wires without Warrants

Tell me, is it really wise to allow still MORE powers, this time of questionable legality, to a government that is already bloated and gorging on the taxes and rights of the citizens?

I find it very odd to be agreeing more with the Democrats than with the President. My own Senator Feingold regularly irritates the living daylights out of me, and I have in the past written him and asked him to resign. (He didn't respond.) But this time, I think he might just (accidentally, perhaps) be right in his opposition to the domestic wiretaps without warrants that the President has somehow found "legal" standing to authorize. It's one thing to conduct your investigations in secrecy. I understand that it's important not to advertise your strategy to the enemy. But I am not ready to give up the oversight that the courts - the secret courts that are already in place - give to the process of finding criminals and terrorists.

I think that President Bush has gone too far with the spying without warrants. I doubt that it would be that hard to get the warrants for the people that are really a threat. For President Bush to call the leak a "shameful act" is a little bit ridiculous, in light of the problems with eavesdropping on citizens!

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