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20 August 2010

Fix-it Friday

Here's what I did:

*Pioneer Woman's Define & Sharpen - then removed it from all but the cutie with an oval mask.
*Pioneer Woman's Boost - and again with the oval mask.

*Added an orange version of ShadowHouse's "Bosch" texture. Blend mode: Overlay.
*Used the Hot Pink Texture Removal technique to remove texture from the cutie, but keep the warming effect from the color of the texture.
*Added ShadowHouse's "Soft Grunge" texture, and removed texture from the cutie again, again keeping the color. Blend mode: Multiply.
*Flatten. Also saved a copy, because I want to be able to come back to here if I don't like what I'm about to try.

*Added a dark brown solid color fill layer. Masked an oval off the cutie.
*Duplicate background, Gaussian Blur:4, Blend Mode: Overlay. Reduce opacity & mask out the cutie a bit.
*Pioneer Woman's Quick Edge Burn. Change it to a forest green, blend mode to darken.

*Hunt for that homeschool catalog because I think it's got a bit of poetic stuff that might go well with the picture. Can't find it. Search for different text.


Danielle said...

This gave the picture a whole new look!

JazMinderr said...

I love the vintage feel of it! The slight darkening around the edges & the earthy green of it really brings out the girl love it.

Ritsumei said...

Thank you! I was hoping to bring out the girl. =D


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