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13 December 2010

Forever Blowing Bubbles

I've needed to remind Monkey that blowing bubbles in the milk isn't good manners recently (amazing, right!), so I was pretty sure he'd like this activity. It didn't disappoint.


mommyx12 said...

Oh boy is he ever having fun. Is your little guy awake right now? Is that why you are still up?

So glad I could help in your decision regarding the tooth fairy. I wish I had your wisdom about 1000 teeth ago!!

Ritsumei said...

We're night owls - Andy works late. So just after midnight is, unfortunately, a pretty normal time to be awake. Monkey's bedtime is about 10-10:30, but 11 isn't uncommon. And we go to bed a while after that.

As for the Tooth Fairy, she got banished when we decided not to continue the Santa & Easter Bunny traditions. Made sense at the time, but now that I think about the "bill" we've avoided, I'm extra glad, LOL!

Brein said...

What a cutie and such a fun idea!!


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