09 10

21 January 2011


He's starting to get some teeth, so it's time to document those adorable toothless grins.


mommyx12 said...

Look how big that boy is getting. Seems I haven't seen him in forever. He sure is getting handsome. Just like his big brother.

Ritsumei said...

Yeah. He's eating food, and starting to get the hang of it. I looked at him sitting (as opposed to slouching into the chair's support) in his high chair this afternoon and was amazed at all the things he can do now! It's fun. Monkey finds it a little threatening, which is challenging at times, but we're getting through that. And Raven is SUCH a cutie! I'll bet they look a lot alike as they get bigger: their baby pictures are going to be hard to tell apart in a few years!


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