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27 June 2011

Pelican Narration

Photo courtesy WikiMedia Commons.

What with all the water damage and clean up, school is wee bit disrupted. But we did a few things today, including finally getting around to learning about pelicans and watching the videos I chose a while back. We've actually seen these beauties in action on our nature study trips, but I think we may go back and look for them some more, though looking at the maps on All About Birds today I wondered if they were just visiting during migration. We'll see. Anyway, Monkey did an awesome narration for them:

I like pelicans. Pelicans can stick their head under water. They do that to catch fish. They dive in head first. They just put their head underwater. They are trying to hunt for fish, and most of the time it’s very tricky for them, but pelicans will get the hang of it.

As far as the house, we're in a quasi-normal lull in the work right now. The main floor tear out is finished, but we're waiting on asbestos testing before we can tear out the damaged stuff upstairs. We even had the electrician come back and our power is back to normal so we had air condition this afternoon. It was 86, and Monkey talked me into a bike ride, so you can bet I was counting my blessings to have the air back! So far, there isn't any rebuilding going on. It's nice to have a bit of a break before the craziness comes back to my house full strength again.

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