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01 September 2011

Adam and Eve Taught their Children to Write

Next for history, we'll be doing Story of the World chapter 3: The First Writing. The chapter teaches that hieroglyphics and cuneiform are the earliest writing, but modern revelation teaches us that Adam and Eve were taught to write. We'll be adding this revealed information to the lesson on early writing. I thought I'd share what I'm substituting for the first paragraph in the book. I'm putting it into a story format so that it will fit seamlessly with the SOTW and we can then go right into the discussion of hieroglyphs and cuneiform. We'll be using a  coloring sheet from the Children's Friend, and also adding a list of the Ancient Patriarchs to our memory work.

Adam and Eve were taught to write by the Lord, and they wrote down the things that happened to their family in their Book of Remembrance. They recorded the things the Lord taught them, and they taught their children to read and write so they would be able to learn and remember those important things. (Moses 6:5-6) As their family grew, many of them listened to Adam and Eve, learned the gospel, and became great men of God. They included Seth, Enos, Cainan, Mahalaleel, Jared, Enoch, and Methuselah, and Noah. (Genesis 5; Doctrine & Covenants 107:53; Moses 6)

Coloring Sheet: 
Adam and Eve Taught Their Children

Additional Reading:
How the Bible Came to Be, part 1 - includes a little blurb about new archaeological evidence

Patriarchs memory work:


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Wish me luck; he's sure to ask questions about those patriarchs, and even with modern revelation there's just not a lot of stories about those men! We've hit some of them already though. Hopefully his curiosity will be satisfied.


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