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22 October 2011

The Tower of Babel and Brother of Jared Lapbook

We're be switching chapters six and seven in the Story of the World, because the Tower of Babel(ch. 7) ought to come before Joseph in Egypt(ch.6). While we do Babylon, the Ziggarauts, and the Tower of Babel, we'll also add in the Brother of Jared from Book of Mormon history. Here are some of the resources I've found to do all that, as well as some lapbook elements I made for a Brother of Jared lapbook.

Primary lesson: The Jaredites are Lead to the Promised Land

Brother of Jared flannel board pieces from the Friend.

Brother of Jared coloring page

Art: Brother of Jared selecting stones

Art: Sawest Thou More Than This?

Here is the Tower of Babel accordion book lapbook element that I made up. According to this Science Fair site, it's thought that it could be the Tower of Babel, so that's the drawing that I'm using.  If you'd like to use it, feel free to right-click. It should copy/paste into your favorite editor nicely.We'll also include the Ziggaraut in our Book of Centuries, by printing this again but cutting off all but the last rectangle.

The second lapbook element I made Is a little fish book. I plan to have Monkey do a section for the foods the Jaredites took with them on their journey. We'll cut them out and connect them with a brad, the way the "Frog Facts" book is done on this completed book we did. This element should fit on a regular piece of paper, so click it, then copy/paste into your word processor. This set, I printed on cardstock, so it would stand up to the turning and use a little better.

The Last thing I did was a representation of the barges, to be folded into a "matchbook." Fold the top down and the bottom up and the boats should be right side up when you flip it over. I also printed out smaller copies to put into our Book of Centuries near the entries we'll be putting in for Hammurabi and the Ziggaraut. The timing isn't exact, but so much of the timing of when precisely things happened this far back into the Ancients is educated guesstimates that it doesn't bother me (too much). Though the dates on the pages we'll be using are definitely guesswork, the sequence of events should be correct,and I think the value of putting sacred history right in there with the secular history is pretty high.

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