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16 March 2012

Nest Cams

Last year, we had a good time watching Wing and Beau and their babies in this nest cam. It sparked quite a bit of learning about Barn Owls, and we're looking forward to watching their nest again this year, though they're not doing anything much yet.

The Decorah Eagles, though are sitting on 3 eggs, the first of which is expected to hatch next Friday. We're pretty excited about that, and check in on them regularly. Dragon loves to watch the eagle. He sits on my lap and signs "bird bird bird" over and over before getting down and running off. We'll probably visit our local eagles' nest again this spring too. That was fun last year.

We also have a new nest we're keeping an eye on: Red-tail Hawks on the Franklin Institute. They just laid their first egg yesterday, so we'll get to watch this one for a few weeks before hatching and then the babies! The baby birds are Monkey's favorite part.

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