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25 August 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up: the one with bees

It's the end of another week, and we've been busy again! We started out our week with some serious excitement: we went to visit a bee hive. That was a lot of fun, and Hero got to wear a bee suit and get right up there next to the hive and see everything. Our bee man is pretty awesome, and was happy to show him all the stuff in the hive, and answered both his questions and the questions that the Daddy and I had as well. Definitely the high point of the week.

A lot of the rest of the school for the week was road school. The Daddy had to do some business travel, and we've worked out a way for us all to go with him on some of the trips he has to take. It's very nice, because neither Hero nor Dragon really tolerates the Daddy being gone very well. So we did a bunch of our work in a hotel. And, we got to go swimming. The boys love that!

We've been working on a lighter load through the summer, which has been very nice. We spent quite a while on China and Moses, and we also added some extra Old Testament history as well, so by the end of the spring we still had a lot of ancients to go. So my main goal for the summer was to finish up the ancients and be ready to start the medieval history this fall. And we're just about there. We're doing Rome right now, and have looked at some reenactment photos, as well as watched a couple documentaries in addition to the stories in Story of the World. Road schooling makes doing some of the projects we might otherwise do much more difficult, but there's a whole bunch of fun stuff online. We found a cool thing about Roman coins that Hero really enjoyed.

Math is also going very well. I don't have any pictures for it this week, but since we did the thing with Alexander the Great and fractions a couple weeks ago, he's continued to be interested in fractions, so we split our time between the basics of fractions and two-digit addition. We have a great book for doing fractions with our cuisinaire rods, called "Everything is Coming up Fractions" that has some very clear explanations and fun puzzles that Hero likes.

Reading is going so well too! Hero is reading some simple books now, he sometimes reads his Bob Books on his own when I didn't ask him, and he takes turns for just 2-3 lines out of the scriptures when we read as a family. It's so exciting! We've slowed down the phonics instruction to be able to practice the actual reading more, but he's much less resistant to doing the phonics now that he's finally seeing it start to pay off.

The other thing that was super exciting this week was that while we were out I got to go to the temple. It's been a looong time, and it was soooo nice.

Photo credit: LDS.org

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Cellista said...

Sounds like a great week! We're seeing the pay off for learning phonics around here too.

And yay for going to the temple! We were able to get there last week as well.


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