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30 October 2012

Fierce Cookies

So, since we're out of town a lot, we miss out on a bunch of the cool projects that we could do; a hotel room is just not conducive to mummifying chickens or building dress-up clothes of various sorts. And we're out often enough that I'm not in the habit of always even checking to see what we could be doing. But this time I did. And there was a cool project: build the crumbling towers of Rome out of sugar cookie dough.

Yum. I  love playing with cookies! I made some cool ones for my sister's bridal shower and I have been known to make waaay too many cookies for Christmas. And ship them to my family. Cookies are my friends, and I have tons of cookie making toys. And my frosting toys from that time I almost made a fondant cake for a wedding? They work great on cookies too. So one of today's projects was cookies. Only, we sort of got distracted from making the crumbling pillars, and we ended up with gladiators and ferocious animals instead. It was cool.

Roll it out between sheets of wax paper; it sticks less.

Gingerbread girls cutters can make gladiators in togas. Then we added weapons.

Hero was having a good time!
For the first part of the activity, Dragon was outside helping Daddy rake leaves. He thought that would be more fun than playing in the kitchen with Mom. When the leaves were taken care of, he wanted to "help" with the dishes. Worked for me. This particular project is still a bit over his head, and he wasn't really interested.

Later, during nap time we got out some frosting and decorated them. I thought they looked pretty awesome just like they were, but Hero wanted to frost them, and cookies do taste better when they have frosting on them. So we decorated them. And it was fun. 

It's been a while since we did this kind of thing in the kitchen. Both boys help me out pretty regularly, but it's been a while since I worked with only Hero, and we haven't done cookies for a bit. I was pleasantly surprised at how much he was able to handle. It was such a pleasure to play in the kitchen with him! My little guy is growing up.

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