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23 April 2013

Birds of Prey Eat Fish

When the things we learn about show up in the kids' play, I know the learning is sticking. This time, for the first time, it's Dragon initiating a game about something from school. I'm loving that!

Dragon has decided that Ospreys are the coolest birds around. He asks me, daily, to show him this clip:

He particularly loves the part where the Osprey shakes itself. We also check in on Cornell's Osprey nest cams. They actually also have a second nest with cameras on it, so we peek at both. We look at the Red Tail Hawks that just hatched, and keep an eye on the Great Blue Herons, and Bald Eagles (they have eaglets already!) but Dragon likes the Osprey best.

I recently got a new sewing machine, and have been making a series of small projects, exploring that capabilities of my new toy tool. One of the first thing was a set of monsters, one for each kid. The boys helped make them, and Hero actually did quite a bit of the work on his (on the right).

When we started watching the Ospreys, Dragon asked me to make him a fish, so that he could be an Osprey. No problem. Happy to do it! And so I did. It was fun. Of course, then Hero had to have one as well. My new machine isn't (technically) an embroidery machine, but it sure does have some nice decorative stitches, which I put to good use on these fish.

The boys decided that they "needed" fish. After all, birds of prey eat fish. They look pretty happy about the new meals. I like it when they like the things I make!

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