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06 May 2013

Scicence Videos for Our Week

With Spring finally here, Hero is hoping to go out with our Bee Man again, and so we're learning some more about the bees. Here are some video clips I'm planning to show him this week.

Reading Rainbow apparently had a thing on honeybees. We'll be watching that one.

This one Hero saw as I was looking through YouTube, and he asked for it. I was kind of leaning towards using it anyway, so it's on the list!

I haven't had a chance to preview this one, so I don't know how kid-friendly this is, but we'll have a look at it. It's supposed to be a Beekeeping 101 kind of thing. Since he's interested in going out with our Bee Man, I'm hoping that this won't be too dry.

We watched a couple of clips of bees mating this afternoon, so I thought it would also be interesting to see her lay some eggs.

We're using the book How Baking Works, and doing it a very little bit - just a few paraghraphs - at a time. This week we're looking at a section called "the special role of water", dealing with hydration. We laid the groundwork for this last week in talking about what are elements, atoms, and molecules. This week we'll mess around with some hydrating and dissolving. Since we don't have a microscope, we'll have a look at some videos to increase our understanding of what is going on at the microscopic level.

This is another about dissolving. It's more complex than we really need for what we are doing, but it's done pretty simply, so I think it'll work.

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Anne Chovies said...

Bees! Cool! Did you see the article in the news recently about the hive that had moved into a cabin? I forget where but it was a cabin that the family hadn't used much for a while and when they finally decided to use it again they found a hive of bees had moved into the rafters and created one of the biggest hives on record. They had to have some prefessionals come remove it - took all day. What an adventure that would have been.


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