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10 June 2013

Economics 100

Learn Liberty has a pretty cool series of short videos dealing with economics, capitalism, and the relationship of these things to freedom. We're starting with Trade is Made of Win, and following their series. Hero is enthusiastic. We stop and talk them over pretty frequently, and I think he's catching a fair amount of it, which is pretty cool. And it's interesting to me as well; I never took an economics class of any sort, and I've recently been realizing that the relationship between economic liberty and civil liberty is such that they are inseparable.

We also labored through this one. It was harder: there are lots of words that Hero didn't know. But we took it little by little, and he was able to understand enough that he actually wanted to do more. Which I was a little worried about, since he saw the picture of the cool Junks and asked for it, so we did it first, rather than starting with the Trade is Made of Win, like I'd planned.

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