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06 September 2013

Origami Math

We picked up the book, "Math in Motion," and have been trying out the activities. It starts out pretty simple, but it's amazing the mileage you can get from only a few folds on a square piece of paper.

First, we looked at lines of symmetry with the square. That was pretty easy, since Hero has done that on Kahn Academy before. The we made some rectangle folds and he looked for the lines of symmetry on the new rectangles. That was kind of fun, because I got to help him discover that the diagonal on the rectangle is not symmetrical like it is on a square. We did another page of diagonal folds, and looked at the shapes and symmetry there.  Then we turned them into a waterbomb base, and from there into a waterbomb.

Unfolding the waterbomb showed us some pretty awesome geometry. It's a great way to throw in some extra concepts and keep the perception of math as fun. I like both those things quite a lot.

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