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30 December 2013

First Broken Bone

We have our first broken bone. The baby's finger got stuck in a hinge when she pulled up just as someone went through a little half-door in the library at church, and she has a tiny fracture right at the tip. Also, her fingernail popped off. And she had to have a stitch in the nail bed. It is, hands down, the worst pinch I've ever seen- more like a crush. 

She's a tough cookie. She had plenty to say about it while they were working on her at the ER yesterday afternoon, but when it was done she took a nap and woke up all smiles. 


James and Doralie said...

Poor girl! That happened to me when I was younger. finger nail fell off stitches and all. Those doors....Hopefully it won't give her any trouble

Ritsumei said...

So far, so good! We actually had the bandaid off for a little while this afternoon, letting it air out. The new nail is growing in and it still looks pretty irritated, but it's clearly getting better.


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