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17 April 2015

Spring Discoveries

Our park visit was short, but the kids loved it. We found Willow catkin this morning. They're so soft, and really striking against the grey of our early Spring. 

We saw turtles in Turtle Pond, too, but didn't end up with any good pictures. They were pretty far away for a little phone camera. The kids discovered that their usual shouting and running scares the critters; almost all the turtles were hiding by the time we finished. 

It was a good visit, even though it was short. 


Anne Chovies said...

Hard to sneak up on anything while there's shouting and hollering going on. But sometimes, especially when you're getting outside for the first few times in the spring, it's hard to contain the exuberance!

Ritsumei said...

It *is* hard! I didn't mind. I enjoyed watching the interaction between the kids and the turtles, and it was fun to see the kids realize that when they're so loud they might be missing out on things. Still, even noisy, there's plenty to see!


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