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11 June 2015

Home From Japan

The Daddy goes to Japan every year, and it's always fun to see what gifts he finds to bring back. A few years ago, he brought me a lovely stash of fancy brush pens. This time, I asked if he could look for measuring cups and spoons. And he found them. They're metric, and I have my eye on some stuff on Pinterest I want to learn to read so I can try cooking it.

He found a few more picture books, too. And we're having a good time looking through those and will spend the next while slowly working through them, figuring out what they say and putting the sentences into my flashcards. 

I'm even saving several bits of wrapper and packaging to slowly figure out how to read them before I throw them away. Maybe that's silly, and overkill, but if like to know what they say. Especially the postcard that came in one of my books. 

This last one is actually a gift he gave to Tigress, but we all get to listen to it. I was so excited: I understood a large section of "Do You Want to Build a Snowman"!

It's so nice to have him back! The two weeks he was gone felt like a long time, even with a 4 day trip to my parents' place and 2 more days with my sister. All the cool gear he brings is nice, but the best part has been chatting with him all day long. In spite of daily calls and Skype, it feels like there is a ton of catching up to do. It's so nice to be able to do it.

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