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30 September 2015

Writing ひらがな

I've been able to write hiragana for years, now. Since college, when I first started learning Japanese in 1996. But there's always been something slightly "off" about the way I do it. I discovered a while back that the cool square paper they use in Japan really helps, but still, something isn't right.

These days, there are so many cool resources on Facebook. There's a grammar discussion group that's really friendly and helpful. And earlier this week, I found Japanese Language for Mama. Which, if it lives up to the name, is right up my alley. This evening, she posted this:

It has been so very long since I watched someone who knows what they are doing! And, watching, I was able to identify what it is that I'm messing up on a couple of mine. It's late, tonight, but tomorrow, as we're doing school, I definitely want to get my pens and square paper out and practice writing some more. I'm excited.


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