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17 October 2015

Working Out

This fall, I had wanted to do a Tough Mudder, but when the time came, I decided that I wasn't ready. I made some significant improvements to my core strength, but I still can't do the monkey bars at the playground, or even a single pullup, so I decided that it doesn't make sense to pay so much to do a thing I can't do. Yet. 

But I'm not done trying. This year's video is so encouraging.

My yoga workout has helped me. I have been working toward a handstand. I have more core strength than I've had, maybe ever. It's still not much. So when I saw this article on Pinterest, about how to do better handstands, I went to check it out. It's from crossfit, not yoga, but I figure that handstands are handstands, and however you label your stuff, you still have to develop the same muscles to get the job done. So I had a look. They've got a four week course... it's going to take more than four weeks for me. But I started.

20 tuckups - 20 sets of 1

And I did 15 superman pulses. I would have done more, but Tigress was sick and really wanted to snuggle.


20 tuckups. Mostly sets of 1.
40 supermans.
Added some of this "hollow body" stuff to my yoga.

The improve your handstand article also talked about doing a handstand with your belly toward the wall, and holding that for certain amounts of time. I just could not picture how to get there, so I headed back to YouTube.


This may take more than a week to do this first set of exercises credibly. 

After that, I wondered how it would look, done by yoga people, so I went looking for a video from Kino, my favorite YouTube yoga chick. She's always pretty amazing, but in this one, she's amazingly encouraging: apparently it took her five years to be able to do a credible handstand. Maybe it's not so unreasonable that I didn't get there in nine months. 

20 tuckups, a couple sets of 2 and even a 3.
40 supermans. 
Tried to try Kino's kick up thing. Gonna have to work to get to the beginner place.

20 tuckups


misskate said...

Sounds exciting! Go you!!

Anne Chovies said...

You keep at it - I'm looking forward to watching you cross a finish line when you're ready!


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