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09 March 2016

March Watercolor Challenge

 This month's logo comes from an artist by the name of John LaFarge, and you can read about it at the Google Art Project.

For this month, start with reading chapter 4 of our book, The Artist's Watercolor Guide: Understanding the Palette, Pigments, and Properties. This chapter is about mixing colors, so after you've read the chapter, get out your paints and mess around with colors. If you want more mixing ideas to play with, in addition to the book's, you could try this blended flower tutorial, or this hazy mountains tutorial, which focuses on greys.

And, because it's fun to see how other artists build their paintings, here's another timelapse to watch.

That fish is from a "Fifty-two Fish" project, and you can see the other ones he's done on his blog.

When you are done practicing mixing your colors, then try copying a work or a section of a work from the artist you selected. Don't forget to stop by our group and share your projects! 

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