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13 April 2016

20 Principles Series Index

I started out participating in the Ambleside Online Forums' reading and discussion of Charlotte Mason's 20 Principles, as they are outlined in Brandy Vincel's Start Here. The group schedule is here. I'm too slow, so I'm straggling along, doing it at my own pace. Happily, the forum stays open and the threads are still there to read and comment on. There's a lot to think about in all the materials; I just can't take it all in as fast as they're going. But they've invited people to participate and discuss at our own pace, even after the schedule says it's officially time to move on to other things, so I do. Whatever the pace that I manage, there will be growth. I'm collecting here my posts that are inspired by this study, and this post will be updated as I plan and complete posts over the next several months.

Ambleside Forum Threads: 
Principle 1: Children are born persons. 
Principle 2: Potential for good and for evil.
Principle 3: Authority and Obedience
Principle 4: Do Not Encroach
Principle 5a and 6: Education is an Atmosphere
Principle 5b and 7:  Education as a Discipline
Principle 5c and 8: Education as a Life
Principle 9, 10, and 11: Feasting on Knowledge
Principle 12: Education is the Science of Relations
Principle 13:  Syllabus for a Normal Child
Principle 14 and 15: Narration
Principle 16a & 17: The Way of the Will
Principle 16b & 18: The Way of Reason
Principle 19: Instruction of Conscience
Principle 20: Thoroughly Christian

My posts:

Inspired by Teaching in the Branches:
Moral Education
Habit in Religious Life
The Limits of Authoriy

Principle One: Children are Born Persons
Born Persons
Evidence of Things Not Seen

Principle Two: Potential for Good and Evil
On Justice (part 1)
On Justice (part 2)
Religion's Handmaid

Principle Three: Authority and Obedience
Authority is an Eternal Principle
Meekness in and under Authority

Principle Four: Do Not Encroach

Principles 14 and 15: Narration
Narration: A Backbone of Classical Education

Principles 16a & 17: The Way of the Will
What is a Strong Will?


Deann | As We Bloom said...

Hi! I just found this link to your post from the by Study and Faith website. I wasn't aware of any LDS Charlotte Mason sites before this weekend, and was happy to find you, who I know from the Crew, were linked!

Ritsumei said...

Well, hello! Nice to see you!


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