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30 July 2016

August Watercolor Challenge

The watercolor painting featured in the logo this month is Fritz Fabian's  "Courtyard Scene", which was painted in 1944, and you can read a little more about it here.

I missed posting a challenge in July, but in August I'm more on the ball, and moving on into Chapter 8: The Greens. Soan says that most of her greens are mixed, so I'm thinking that I'll spend some time playing around, seeing how many greens I can mix up. There's some discussion of opaque and transparent colors, and how they mix into greens, on page 106. Especially interesting is her commentary about the role of red in mixing up greens - it would have taken me a very long time to think of trying adding red to get a good green! After that, the chapter goes on to discuss the various types of green you run into. There's a lot of information, and I think that time spent just "fooling around", painting rectangles of various greens, trying to get the hang of making just the one you want, would be time well-spent. Something like this:

And then I always enjoy a time-lapse. Watching how experienced artists build their paintings has been extremely helpful to me. Here are a few that I enjoyed this month:

And birds. I love birds, and want to do another one, soon.

And now, for some "Pinspiration" to give us some ideas of what might be fun to do with all this green we've been playing around with:

And that's it! Happy painting! Don't forget to stop by and show us your work!

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