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12 October 2016

Counting Blessings

I feel cranky this evening. A little bit whiney. (I hate whining.) So I'm making myself count blessings. But they're not in any particular order.

*I am married to a fantastic man. He works super hard to protect and provide for our family. And he's my best friend. So glad I married my best friend. 

*I get to stay home with my kids. 

*it rained today. I love water from the sky. Bonus points for the way it makes the trees' colors extra vivid. More bonus points for not needing to go anywhere in it. 

*Food is yummy; cooking delicious food for people I love is fun. 

*I have mismatched socks that make me smile. 

*The kids wanted to do watercolors this morning. We abandoned most of the schedule for an art day. It's been a while, and it felt good to put paint on paper, even if I didn't finish yet. 

*My banjo is so pleasant to play. And the 5 minutes here and there are starting to add up a little: I sound halfway credible on a couple of songs, not just Twinkle Twinkle Little Star! 

*I've got a whole bunch of copies of scripture. There's my basic English paper set that's the entire standard works. And the Church's app that's got the whole kit in my pocket to peek at whenever. That's also got the Tripple in Japanese (plus a bunch of other languages, but I don't use those). I've got a paper Japanese Bible, though it's still pretty hard for me. And the Welsh Book of Mormon. That one's cool because Welsh was the first language it was translated into, and it kind of looks like they've never updated it: it doesn't even have verses. I'm not so hot at Welsh, but once I get started, I'll do part of my reading there. 

*My house is heated. I have running water. Which means I get hot showers, more or less daily. This is a luxury that I appreciate. 

*I have children. There was a time when I wondered if that would happen for us. Now we have three

*I have a yard for them to play in - and for me to dig in. Dirt is good for us all. 

*Yoga is fixing my scoliosis. Pretty amazing, given that I was told its incurable. 

*Learning about herbs has dramatically decreased the trips we take to the doctor. We used to get every cold, all the flus. They'd turn into sinus infections, bronchitis, and pneumonia pretty routinely. And sooooo many ear infections. Now we hardly ever get sick enough to be miserable, and it's been ages - probably over a year - since we took any of that stuff to the doctor or had antibiotics. Herbs are a pretty remarkable blessing for us. 

Ok. That's hardly a comprehensive list, but I feel better, and there's some other things I want to do before bed. 


Anne Chovies said...

That's a nice list. I find it amazing how easy it is sometimes to focus on what's not right when there are, at the same time, so many things that are right. When I get into that rut I sometimes will examine what it is I'm complaining about and realize it's what you might call a "first world problem" and really nothing more than an inconvenience. This is a good exercise to go through from time to time. And, for me as an observer, it's interesting to learn of some of those things in your life that you like that I hadn't been strongly aware of. You are interesting me - you matter. Hang in there, you're doing just fine.

Wendy Williams said...

Yoga is fixing my back too! Amazing thing that yoga! I love it so much!
And herbs--natural remedies and preventative steps. We are like minded in these two respects.


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