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13 December 2016

Into the Wild 1 & 6: Mississippi Flyway

I'm helping the boys in Hero's Webelos den learn about our local flyway for the Into The Wild pin. We're working on requirement six:

Learn about the bird flyways closest to your home. Find out which birds use these flyways.

Turns out there's a couple of main traffic routes that the birds like to take when they migrate: flyways. We'll be learning about the Mississippi Flyway, which is green on the cool little map I found.

There's a lot of birds during migration:

 Then we can explore this chart of when birds arrive in different places, so that the boys can figure out what birds are using our flyway.

If we have time, we can also work on requirement six:

Identify an insect, reptile, bird, or other wild animal that is found only in your area of the country. Tell why it survives in your area.

The DNR has a PDF that the boys can look through that lists our State's endangered species, and also how these species are doing globally, so that they can quickly determine which of our rare species are rare all over. Once they've picked a species to focus on, then we can learn about them, and what makes them like it here.

Additional resources for Into the Wild, requirement 8 are here.

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Anne Chovies said...

My first thought regarding the endangered species list was how in the world could any insect ever make it on to an endangered species list. But then I looked again and saw that had also listed reptiles and birds. Yeah, that seems more plausible. But insects!?


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