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16 January 2017

Book Box!

Got a box of books in English and Japanese the other day. Actually, it came in three boxes, but it was all one set of books. I love getting books in the mail. The new ones this time are a mix of some books for me, and some books for Hero.  That boy chews through his free-read books! Must be my kid; I used to do the same, back when I had chunks of time for reading. I still read, but not in big chunks of time. And there's a lot to be said for slow reading of books. Not that I ever suspected that until relatively recently! Everything except Utopia is related to our homeschool in one way or another, and Utopia is just for fun, after a conversation with some online friends about Utopia and Ever After. We wish that we could get together and read and drink hot chocolate and chat...

Anyway, here's what we've added to our home library this week. I can't wait to dig in!

Books in English and Japanese for use in our homeschool.

Here, only the top one, Sora and the Cloud, is new. But I'm so excited to read these. I've been working on the bottom one. Its title really translates to something like, "I Belong to Mom", but I call it "The Grumpy Bunny Book". Grumpy little kids are the same all over, and they crack me up, no matter what language it is. This grumpy little bunny is NOT going to marry his mother...

Books in English and Japanese for use in our homeschool.

So what are you up to? What are you reading? Anything in your second language?

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