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07 August 2017

A Narration from Fifty Famous Stories Retold

One of Dragon's favorite things in school is when he gets to listen to Aesop's Fables and Fifty Famous Stories Retold. We're following the Ambleside Online schedule for these books, so they will last for quite a while. Which he both loves and hates. He'd like to just gobble them up, but I'm doling them out slowly, so that he has time to think over each story, and really let them settle into his mind -- and hopefully his heart, as these are all stories that can give him something to think about, and encourage his character to grow in good ways.

There is something very special about spending a really long time on a book. And please note, I don’t think all books are worth doing this with, for sure. Not every book needs to be studied. I would only do this with school books — I’m not out to schedule and slow down my children’s free reading books. But these books that are worth meditating on and thinking about are proven so much more instructive when they are lingered over.
If each chapter had a powerful central idea, and I read three chapters without stopping, I consumed one idea after another, and had no time in between for my soul to be instructed by each individual idea.
-Brandy Vincel, Why Slow Reading Matters More Than You'd Expect

So he listened, and then he told me that he'd like to do a movie of his narration today, and I thought I'd share it with you.

Just for fun, after we'd listened to the story, we also listened to the William Tell Overture. He liked that, too.

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Anne Chovies said...

I liked those, too. Therefore we can only conclude that the kid has good taste! Good man!


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