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05 March 2018

Magic Stix Washable Markers {Crew Review}

For this review we received a 24 pack of Magic Stix Washable Markers from The Pencil Grip, Inc. These markers are unusual because you can leave them uncapped for days, and they won't dry out. They come in a lovely selection of bright, beautiful colors, with a tough plastic "briefcase" carrier.

We've previously reviewed a set of 12 Magic Stix markers, and when we did that, I deliberately left one of the markers uncapped for hours while we were out, and it wrote just fine. It still does; at this point the kids have mixed the two sets of markers and I'm not confident that I could say which brown marker came with what set: both of them work very well. Considering that one of these markers was left out for hours with no cap, and that you can't tell the marker that's six weeks old from the one that's three months old, I'm pretty happy with the way that they color and the way that they've held up over time.

These markers have a nice point, which has also proven durable. They've been a popular art supply - we have lots of coloring sheets go through here. They have a good tip, and can be used for relatively fine lines, and the tips seem to hold their shapes through repeated use: once the markers from the previous set that we reviewed got mixed with the new ones, there was really no way at all to tell which ones were the new ones and which ones were a couple of months old: the tips all look like they're brand new, and all the colors are still bright. I love that they're so sturdy. My kids like to print out coloring sheets from the internet, often inspired by some of the literature that we've been listening to. In the past, they've been frustrated by how hard it is to find good skin tone colors, but with this set of markers there are several suitable options. I remember when I was a kid, how irritating it was to have a nice picture colored, but not have a way to get a good skin tone, and I appreciate that they have included several colors that work for a range of skin tones.

I even did a little bit of coloring myself in an adult coloring book that we have, and I was pleased with them, too.

In addition to using them for fun, we've also used them in our school work. Miss Kitty consistently chooses the markers when I tell her we're going to practice writing some numbers, or if her phonics work includes coloring opportunities. We have other markers from before we received the Magic Stix collection, but the kids all consistently chose the Magic Stix set.

Dragon used them to help him find patterns in his math that we worked on for a couple of days, which worked really well. They were a great tool for helping him to keep things straight as he looked for patterns in the math we were doing. The sturdy tips and relatively fine line made them easy to work with when he needed to be careful. He also colored some coloring sheets with them.

Dragon(7): I like the fact that their tips hold their shape really well. I like the advantage over normal markers because they won't dry out. I like the way that they're all bright colors.

Hero(11): I love them. They're super awesome. I like this briefcase style package. They're easy to use. They make very fine lines, and they hardly bleed through at all. And, there's all sorts of colors in here!

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NeededInTheHome said...

I like how you compare the newer marker to the older marker and all the ink work is beautiful.


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