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15 May 2018

Latin Resources for Your Homeschool

We're learning Latin. I suppose this this shouldn't surprise me, but it kind of does. Still. Six months after we started: I hadn't planned to have the kids do Latin, much less to do it myself. God had other plans, so here we are.

Turns out, there's lots of resources out there.

The kids are using Latina Christiana I, which I still like.

I decided that I need to know a little more than they do, so I picked myself up a copy of Wheelock's Latin, which I also like. It's got a bit of a learning curve on it: Latin has a lot of grammar. A lot a lot. But I'm getting it figured out, and I think I'm going to really enjoy this, oddly enough. I'm looking forward to reading Horace, someday. That's where I want to go with this, now that I'm doing it.

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But I spent some time looking around today, and discovered a number of resources that I want to explore.

Teaching Latin for Acquisition is a Facebook group of Latin Teachers that want to help their students actually become fluent readers of Latin, rather than merely learning to decode it. They say they are drawing on second language acquisition research and sharing ideas. Looks promising.

The Dead Languages Club has some interesting stuff on, well, dead languages.

Learning Latin is a Facebook community of Latin learners; that's where I'm hoping to get some help when I get stuck.

Wheelock's has a website with some resources. Every time I go and dig around I find some new and interesting bit in there. It's not intuitive at all, but it looks like there's probably quite a bit of interesting and useful stuff in there.

And there's some blogs.

Latin for Everyone - written by a teacher who is sharing ideas.
Latinitium - resources for teaching yourself Latin
Comprehensible Antiquity - resources and comprehensible input for your students (or you).
The Comprehensible Classroom - another teacher sharing ideas for language teaching

And some YouTube Channels.

Paideia Media - Some stuff in Latin to listen to, and some stuff about teaching and pedagogy.
Coquamus - Kitchen videos. In Latin. What's not to love?
Aeneid Playlist - Listen to the Aeneid in Latin.

And some other stuff.

Latin Phrase-book on Guttenberg.org
Weekly Latin chats - Monday and Saturday

I'm sure there's more. What is your favorite Latin resource? Leave it in the comments!

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