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11 April 2008

Climbing Exploration

Monkey's been trying out his new climbing and exploration skills: sometimes it works better than others. (And he only briefly waited for me to take his picture before I rescued the poor little guy!)


misskate said...

HAHAHA!! (yes this is the evil aunty laughing at her poor nephew's distress) But those pictures are so priceless!!

Ritsumei said...

You're only laughing at the pictures... I was so evil I made him wait for rescue until AFTER I TOOK the pictures. Poor kid. But I'd have to agree, this bunch of pictures are lots of fun. Definitely going into the scrapbook. And ya know, he musta learned something from it: he hasn't done it again!

Keeley said...

Haha, poor dude looks really unhappily stuck there. =D

In other news, you're reading "Freight Train" too! We LOVE that book. Andrew makes me name each and every car on each and every page. Whew! Sometimes I just have to say "uhm, I'm not going to do that this time..." otherwise I'd go bonkers. =D =D

Is Monkey in love with "Freight Train" as well? =)

Ritsumei said...

Yes, indeed "Freight Train" is one of Monkey's favorites - although it's not as much of a favorite (read: not as beat up) as "One Duck Stuck" which doesn't appear in this picture partly because I've confiscated it in order to fix it. Again. As for books driving me bonkers, I'd have to say that "Poppy the Puppy" is the one that's my least favorite right now. It's a rather poorly written (Poppy the puppy loves to play!) flap book, and Monkey loves it. Surprisingly, he hasn't removed the flaps. But the text in that one is so inane... I'd love an excuse to "disappear" it! Freight Train's not so bad. Monkey doesn't have the patience to name every car thus far, so that one, as few words as it has on a page, is one that we can actually get through all the text! (MOVING!)

He seems to be developing an interest in trains. One of his friends brought a little train to his older siblings' piano lessons the other day & Monkey got ahold of it & kept it for the duration of the lesson. Today he was over there while Andy & I went to a Pow-wow (pictures to come), and J. said that he'd been playing with it there, as well as looking at a cute little train book that J. just sent home with him because he loved it. He's since then carried that one around all afternoon.


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