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09 July 2008

Dashing One Off

I'm taking a class this week that will leave me with the lofty title of "Master Food Preserver" one all the dust settles. It's a fun class! But it's 3 full workdays in a row. I don't know how Moms can do the whole leaving their kids thing; at the end of the 2nd day I'm beat and I miss my boy! But tomorrow is the last day and then I can come back home to my family armed with knowledge about safe canning, freezing, and drying, and some tasty recipes, and even a few cans of things that we're doing up in class. I got to sample a tasty blueberry pie filling today that I thought would make a lovely cupcake filling. All I need now is for my blueberry bushes to start growing!

Anyway, I promised Jenny that I'd post a couple of links for her. The first one is to Magic Pen. It's a cute game using shapes to move a circle to the flag(s). Sounds pretty simple. But there's some great physics concepts, problem solving concepts, that sort of thing. I'm pretty slow and awkward at it. I expect that if I can keep track of the link I'll eventually get better at it. In any case, that game is here.

The second link that I promised to post is the link to the directions for the Scripture Box. I love my Scripture Box. I'd love it even more if I could remember to do it daily, rather than a few days at a time every so often. The summer hasn't been so hot for that whole remembering thing. But even with that I'm gradually getting a few verses memorized, and keeping pretty good retention on them, though I am shaky on the chapter & verse thing. But it's a huge improvement over what I had memorized before, which was nearly nothing (And this in spite of doing 100 "Scripture Mastery" verses in high school)! So I'm pleased. And I'm still working on it. And the directions for how to make and use the boxes are here.

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JennyFife said...

Thank you! And the jelly is delicious. What a fun day we had.



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