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01 July 2008

Working On It

It's killing me that I haven't managed to do anything with my pictures from our vacation yet! But when it was all said and done there was 1500 pictures on my camera. About 1000 of them are pictures that I took, and I did a little bit of looking through those and deleting the bad ones along the way. But not that much. And it does include a fair amount of cemetery pictures, which, although I am pretty excited about them, I doubt that I will post here. The last 500 pictures were taken of the mountains on I-70 as we headed out of Utah. My little sister wanted to take some pictures, so I set it up and handed it to her and I fell asleep. She was a happy camper! The end result is that there are, ah, several pictures to go through. I wanted to get the worst of the fuzzy ones (hers and mine) off the camera before I download them. I'm still working on it.

1 comment:

misskate said...

Sooooo many pictures.. that Sooo exciting!! Good luck with the sorting :)


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